I’ve seen a lot of people come and go here in the Klamath River Valley — Bigfoot     researchers looking for Northern California Bigfoot action. It saddens me that they can stay only a few hours or days — then must return to their city jobs in other parts of the country.

Yes, the Bigfoot Scenic Byway is prime Bigfoot territory and home to the Patterson-Gimlin film site, but let’s not forget that Bigfoot can be found in almost every state.

Do you want to find Bigfoot?

If you live near a forested area, consider spending more time there on a regular, hopefully daily basis. Check Bigfoot sighting databases online to see where Bigfoot has been seen in your state. Choose a nearby sighting location and make it your home away from home. The regularity of your being there will be a possible draw for a curious Sasquatch.

Bigfoot Encounters State-by-State Sightings List
Bigfoot Information Society Bigfoot Sighting Database
Oregon Bigfoot National Sightings Database
BFRO Geographic Database of Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sightings and Reports

What to do while you’re there

Offer music and food. Look for footprints and broken tree branches. Do some howling and wood knocking and rock pounding. Announce your presence as well as you can, then show yourself as a harmless, nature-loving companion that Bigfoot might consider visiting. If you play acoustic guitar or flute, take your musical instrument with you. Maybe Bigfoot will be curious to see where the beautiful sounds are coming from. A dulcimer, recorder, or djembe would work well too.

I find that a few hours alone in the woods can be a profoundly peaceful experience. I usually take my journal to write in and a comfortable chair to sit in when I’m not hiking around, looking at things. I don’t take food — at least, not for myself — because I’m not there to attract bears. Many researchers leave food in the forest hoping Bigfoot will discover and appreciate it. You might like to read Ray Crowe’s article on baiting. Be aware that some counties have ordinances against feeding wildlife. Stay on the safe side of the law.

Don’t forget, Bigfoot are nocturnal. If possible, spend the night in your research location every now and then. Take a night vision scope if you have one.

Psychological considerations

I believe that motivation is a big factor in whether or not you’ll attract a Bigfoot to your research area. If your motivation is to capture or kill, they may sense that and stay away. I know many researchers have the desire to prove that Bigfoot exists, so they think only a body (dead or alive) can do that. Purify your motivations and you may have a better chance of connecting with a Sasquatch. Many people believe that Bigfoot has eluded captivity for so long because they are wise and possibly quite psychic.

Your intention to have contact with a Bigfoot may work to draw them to you. Have faith that it will happen! Put yourself in the right place on a regular basis and you’re more likely to see one than if you stayed home in front of your computer or TV.

One more thing — if you’re full of fear, will Bigfoot sense it? Be emotionally prepared for what you might see!

Establishing your own nearby Sasquatch research area is much more practical than a trip across country to see the place where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin saw one. Of course, you’re welcome to come check it out, but Bigfoot research doesn’t have to be an occasional thing. You’ll have a better chance for a sighting if you put yourself out there every day, and that means doing it close to home.

Above information is from How to Find Bigfoot – Linda Martin